About the Site

This site is designed to help viewers win cash in their Fantasy Leagues and DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) through my expertise and picks week in and week out. I started doing Fantasy Football with a 12 man league, and after winning 3 years in a row,  i realized i was good at predicting player usage on teams, good or bad.

I started playing Fan Duel and I began recording wins/losses. When the wins came out on top, I kept playing, naturally. This led me to create the site to help other people win money with these picks. I started taking it down to a science, and after 3 weeks, I smacked a lineup in week 10 when I put up 219.9 points in Fan Duel Millionaire Maker. I averaged 155 points per lineup in the remainder of the season.

Starting in week 1, I will post one lineup before the 1 o clock games, and they will all be recorded. My picks from the current week will also be posted with scores from previous week.

I put a lot of time, energy,  and devotion into watching and studying the quirky variables that create an NFL season and player usage – and also how these variables effect gameplay scenarios.

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