About Me

“It’s not possible.” “No, it’s necessary.”

Top o’ the morning to ya —> Friends call me Wally. I love playing and watching sports, stretching, working out – and I love to blog about anything relevant that happens in the sports world. Getting more specific, I love DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports). If you don’t play Fan Duel or Draft Kings – I strongly urge you to play as it increases your knowledge of the particular sports you are playing – and makes them a lot more fun to watch. What I like even more than playing these contests is winning and cashing out in them. My favorite athletes of all time are Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, and Tom Brady. Brady is an easy guy to hate – But the guy just wins, you can’t argue with that.

My favorite DFS to play are, in order, NFL, NBA, and NHL – I will stick to these 3.

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