The Giants handling of Eli Manning is pathetic and Ben McAdoo sucks

I don’t write about sob stories but this is actually ridiculous. I need to start off by saying how terrible of a job Ben McAdoo has done this season for the G men. Yes, the Giants have been ravaged by injuries, but it doesn’t matter. Watch a Giants game or McAdoo’s press conferences. He is the worst coach I have ever seen in the NFL. And thats coming from a guy who has watched Chuck Pagano handle Andrew Luck and the Colts even worse than this at times, but that’s another story. Heres an example of Ben McAdoo in his natural habitat :

Let’s start with the benching of Eli Manning – a guy who’s won two Super Bowl MVP’s, and beat the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, Tom Brady, twice in those games. No one has done more than that for the Giants franchise ever. Besides Lawrence Taylor, who was the meanest dude to ever play linebacker.


At the same time, I’m not a total homer. Eli is playing bad. But with absolutely no running game whatsoever, and a guy named Roger Lewis (?) as your #1 receiver, no shit he is playing bad. Well, at least they are benching him for a half decent quarterb- WAIT A SEC. Did I hear that GENO SMITH, YES, GENOOO SMITH is who they are starting …wait wait wait I need 40 minutes to catch my sanity and make sure i am not sent into conniption. Geno Smith, a guy that could not buy a backup job in this league, is REPLACING Eli Manning. Ben McAdoo you suck. I wish I could find you and smack you across the face. You weren’t anything before this Giants gig and you come in and do this. Replace Eli for a guy that couldn’t hold a starting job if it was placed softly in his lap with some fluffy pillows and strawberries. SOMEBODY STOP THIS MAN.


Things I cannot wait for: 1) My Christmas presents 2) Geno starting for the Giants and getting pounced on like a gazelle and 3) Ben McAdoo getting fired and never seeing an NFL locker room again. That Bolo Tie wearing country boy Philip Rivers agrees with me too –  congrats to him on having his 15th kid in 10 years.

Cheers, signing off.


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