Lakers/Sixers – The NBA’s next rivalry is loaded with young talent

The NBA has been all about the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers for a while now. The Cavs win the East, the Warriors win the West and they showdown in the Finals. I believe they are still the powerhouses and will be for a little longer, but we are starting to see a shift in the NBA.  The Sixers played the Lakers in LA last night and beat them 115-109 in a close game. This game had so much young talent in it and was very exciting to watch.

Let’s get one thing straight. Ben Simmons is a superstar in the making. He can drive and yam it better than anyone right now (besides Giaaaaannis and Bron). The mid range needs a little work, but that will come with time. He said that he never worried about the jumper at LSU because it was too easy to take it to the rack. He’s a 7 foot point guard with freaks running through his veins. Joel Embiid might even be a bigger perennial superstar when it’s all said and done. They are going to be great for a very long time together. They are on the verge of signing Robert Covington as well, which makes for a great trio for 8+ years. He is their secret weapon who can play good defense, and hit the 3 ball.

How about Joel Embiid’s stat line last night? 46 points on 14-20 shooting, 15 boards, 7 assists, and 7 blocks. “I wish I could have had the quadruple double with blocks. Shoutout Hassan Whiteside”. I had him in DFS and he almost had 100. Embiid, Simmons, and Covy are slightly more ready to win now than the Lakers, but give it a few years and they will  both be thriving.

On the Lakers end, how bout Kyle Kuzma if you need him. The 28th pick in this years draft is really turning heads. I think he’s the better of him and Lonzo right now, although Zo has more potential . Although I believe Zo can be an all-star, he’s got to develop his shot and look like he cares a little more when he’s out on the court and LOOK LIKE HE WANTS TO WIN. Sky is the limit if he can.

In last nights showdown, it was Simmons and Embiid who looked like they wanted to dominate/win from the tip – Need more of that out of Lonzo. 0-6 from three, looking lazy – stop that. He has had a lot of unnecessary pressure put on from Lavarr which I feel has affected him.


Probably my favorite young player on the Lake show with so much potential is Brandon Ingram. Played awesome last night. Lakers are going to hold onto him and he will be a main reason why they are great in a couple years. He packed the stat sheet last night and had some great plays down the stretch, although it wasn’t enough. I think he has more potential than Kuzma, and can really be a do it all type player which he is already showing signs of. Sign him up.

I still wish the Lakers would have taken Dennis Smith, Jr. in the draft who’s been ballin’ down in the Fort Worth area. 

This will be a rivalry that i

  • Tyreke Peace Sign y’all



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