The U is back and the turnover chain is spicy hot

The U is back in the top four at #3 with a smack down of the Fighting Irish 41-8. In this smack down the turnover chain was passed 4 times – This tradition is one of the dopest in college football, and really brings back memories of Miami Football in the late 80’s and even early 90’s with Jimmie Johnson. If you aren’t aware of this turnover chain it is a tradition in which a gold chain is passed to whichever player gets a turnover. That player gets to rock it on the sidelines before another player gets a turnover, and then another, until the game is a turnover frenzy for the Canes and the stadium is rocking. Honestly one of, if not the coolest tradition in college football today. Once it got started, there was no stopping it – pick sixes, fumbles, it got out of hand quickly.


If you haven’t seen the U’s 30 for 30 part one or two, it is a must watch in all formats.

Miami hosts Virginia this Saturday in what should be a easy win for them to stay in the top 4 for playoff contention.

1 thought on “The U is back and the turnover chain is spicy hot

  1. They don’t wanna see them boys from Clemson, SC thooooo #ACCCHAMPIONSHIPGAME

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