Jalen Ramsey vs. Aj Green saga

Okay, so I actually really want to dive in talking about how that Jags D and secondary is shutdown if you need them. In the words of Ramsey himself “It’s facts”. But let’s be real – AJ Green was getting the hands from Ramsey and could not find anything to be happy about.

ramsey fight.jpg

AJ Green I know you had a whole 6 yards up to that point, but COME ON MAN. That’s like … 5 more than one yard. Were talking about one of the premier shutdown corners in the game right now and that dude is bad to the bone. 165 yards a game in the air is what they are giving up a game and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Andrew Luck to the Jags and they are in Super Bowl contention. Signing off, good day sir.

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